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Holistic Health Coaching
Body & mind cannot be separated, as physical complaints can lead to psychological complaints and vice versa. In our healthcare system, unfortunately, symptoms are far too often fiddled with rather than trying to find the underlying root causes.
Eating healthier can be an important first step to spark improvement. In combination with changes in other areas such as exercise, good stress management and regular relaxation, even better and more sustainable success can be achieved.
Holistic means looking at the cause of the symptoms at all levels - physiological & psychological. In order to achieve optimal results, it also makes sense to take measures in different areas of life.
The power of our thoughts is mighty, they cannot simply be turned off, sometimes we feel at their mercy. Unfortunately, our brain doesn't care whether ...
Too much stress makes you sick - but it cannot be completely avoided. In coaching we find the roots of your stress together and find solutions to improve...
Would you like to eat the best possible diet, but are confused by the many contradicting statements in the media and need well-founded advice? ...
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