About Me


Healthy living has always been of great interest for me. This passion has gradually turned into my mission: passing on my knowledge and helping other people to achieve better health.

My Story


As a child, I suffered from hay fever and reacted sensitively to stress and several foods with stomach complaints and neurodermatitis. After many, continuously unsuccessful therapies in conventional medicine, I looked for and found solutions in naturopathy, an adapted diet, targeted use of dietary supplements and applications of mental techniques.

From 2013 to May 2020, I lived abroad with my family, at first in Oxford, England and later in Maastricht, The Netherlands, due to my husband's job. Since it was not possible for me to continue in my occupation as an IT consultant at this time, I started training as a mental trainer at the "Akademie Gesundes Leben" (Academy of Healthy Living) in Oberursel near Frankfurt in 2016, rather out of personal interest. For me the course was almost like therapy, it was fascinating what kind of possibilities we have through mental training. Unconscious forces can be used to define and realise new ways, goals and wishes. Everyone can benefit from mental training in one way or another. I wanted to apply my gained knowledge to help other people, so after finishing the course I started offering individual courses in English and German.

At the same time, I continued my education. I was interested in how one can better cope with stress and what one can do to stay healthy despite high demands. The training as a stress management trainer was an exciting mix of learning the causes and consequences of stress for body and soul as well as measures that provide effective help (nutrition, vital substances, naturopathy, exercise, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene). A large part of the course consisted of teaching various coaching techniques from the NLP (Neurolinguistic Program). The topic of my thesis was "Phytotherapy for Stress".


With my gained knowledge and coaching techniques I continued to expand my offer beyond mental coaching. Nevertheless, I wanted to learn more about the physical relationships, the anatomy of humans, clinical pictures and – above all  the prevention of diseases.


In November 2017, I therefore started training as a health counsellor with an IHK certificate. We got to know the human body in detail, the causes and symptoms of the most common illnesses and holistic methods to treat illnesses or provide relief from more severe illnesses. For my thesis I chose the topic "Vitamin D".

Since July 2018, I have been working as a holistic health coach and simultaneously continue learning. That's why in February 2020 I signed up to certify as a vitamin D consultant with Dr. by Helden, author of the bestseller "Gesund in sieben Tagen" (Healthy in Seven Days).

At the end of March I completed the highly interesting seminar about nutritional medicine with Dr. Jens Freese at the "Deutsche Trainer Akademie" (German Trainer Academy) in Cologne.


In June 2020, I returned to Germany and now live with my family and dog in the beautiful city of Munich.

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